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SUNDAYS @ 9am & 11am
6th-8th grade


FRIDAYS 7-10pm

8th-12th grade



Bible Study

6th-12th grade

OUR MISSION // Our mission is to introduce young people to Jesus. To teach them who He is. To tell them of His love, grace and power. In a nutshell, our mission is to help the young people find God, love God and others, and discover their purpose in life. Our prayer is that they would learn to live lives that are rooted and built up in Him.

OUR PURPOSE // With so many challenges and temptations young people face today, Bridge Student Ministries is committed to bringing the message of God's truth to the youth of Eastern Idaho in a way that is both straightforward and applicable to the life of a teen.

OUR VISION // That as youth experience Jesus and His love, His truth and His life-changing power, they will be completely transformed. Our vision is to see transformed youth transforming this city, so that our reach will not end with the youth that we serve, but will continue to impact our community.

For upcoming events, see the events page.

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