What Can I Expect?

If you're new to the area, looking for a new church home or simply want a place to visit along your faith journey, here's what you will find at The Bridge Church.

  • First our band will lead us in a few songs of praise aimed at honoring God.

  • Second someone will say hello and give a few announcements.

  • Third there will be a time to greet people and get started on some friendships.

  • Fourth one of our leaders will share a message from the Bible which we believe God uses to guide our lives.

When Does Service Start?

Our Sunday morning service starts @ 10:30am. We have different things happening throughout the week, please see our events page for upcoming events and for our full calendar.



Would I be welcome at your church?

Yes you would be very welcome! Everyone and anyone is welcome at The Bridge Church. We have people of different educational levels, backgrounds, disabilities as part of our church family. We have people who are in school, employed, stay at home moms and dads, looking for work and retired. We are a mixed bag of men, women, teens and children seeking to grow spiritually and to love God and neighbor.


Are teens and children welcome?

Yes teens and children are an integral part of our community. Our youth group (6th-12th grade students) worship with the adults each Sunday and then split off during the message time to receive a Bible filled teaching from our youth pastor, play some pool, ping-pong, foosball and to build some friendships with other teens. Children have a special time in the kids room where they will learn about Jesus while having a super fun time playing in our indoor playground. 


Do I have to know what I believe before I attend?

No, we have people at The Bridge Church who know what they believe as well as those who are still trying to figure this God and Jesus thing out. We are an inclusive community on a journey to figure out what it is that God desires of us. Wherever you are on your walk with Christ, you are welcome!


Do you know what you believe?

Yes, we understand ourselves to be followers of Jesus Christ who have committed ourselves to serving Him. It is by God's grace through our faith that we are saved. Check out the “Our Beliefs” section for more information.


What kind of worship services to you have?

We have one Sunday morning service that starts at 10:30am. Our band plays music that leans more contemporary with some occasional traditional songs. We sing songs of praise and worship that are aimed at the one true God.


How should I dress for Sunday service?

Jeans and a t-shirt, suit and a tie, shorts with some sandals ...Dress how every you'd like! The Bridge Church is a come as you are church, we do not have a dress code at The Bridge Church, we just ask that whatever you wear is appropriate/modest.


Is there child care?

We have professional child care in our nursery during our Sunday service.